Saturday, 3 April 2021

makalani bandele : part two

What are you working on?

Among several things I am really excited about, one is a collaborative project I am working on with a Free Jazz musician/composer and a videographer. Often collaborative efforts produce artwork that is not democratic or organic. One discipline takes centerstage and commands more of the audience’s attention. Though somewhat unavoidable in the intermixing of mediums, there is an added layer of inequality when the mediums are operating in different modes (i.e., Jazz with narrative poem, where the lyric less music becomes little more than background sound for the narrative). In this collaboration, all the mediums operate under the principle of abstraction—detail without context. The visual language in the video will be brief, disparate shots; each poem will be a series of non-sequiturs; and the music will be free improvisation. Have you ever heard of a multimedia abstract piece? What we are creating are highly interpretive constructions where non-linear conversation is taking place between 3 disciplines in one work of art. Within the piece, sometimes it is working like three monologues, sometimes you get an a to b conversation with two mediums while the third is having a monologue, and finally you get moments when it feels like all three are in conversation. What is beautiful about it is that where people see the conversations and connections will be different for each person. I love when works of art are open enough for people to have multiple points of entry.

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