Thursday, 6 May 2021

Raegen Pietrucha : part two

Has your consideration of poetry changed since you began?

Focusing strictly on aesthetics, I still find myself drawn to the urgent, gut-punching writing of female poets, for the most part, though I find myself quite curious these days about work that has headed off the well-worn path of how poets are trained to write (presuming they’ve attended writing programs). Unless I’m returning to work that has always resonated with me, I want to be surprised, to feel something or see something unique structurally that I wasn’t expecting to when I read others’ poetry. Put another way, I want to read poems that don’t remind me of all the other poems I’ve read before. Nowadays, more often than not, I’m finding the type of edification I seek in work I simply can’t pin down, work that’s so different from anything I’ve read or written that I find myself wanting to return to it, with the goal or hope of unraveling its mysteries. 

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