Sunday 30 May 2021

Neil Surkan : part five

What other poetry books have you been reading lately?

I’m always nosing around in multiple collections at a time. Here’re the ones slung over chair arms and tented on countertops right now:

Henri Cole’s Blizzard. WTF. What a breathtakingly unflinching collection. Wham. Can’t praise it enough. Euphoria. Terror. Grief. Sweetness.

Layli Long Soldier’s Whereas. There’s something about this book. It’s always off my shelf. The opening call to “make room in the mouth / for grassesgrassesgrasses” truly, truly amazes me. 

Julie Joosten’s Light Light. I had never seen the word “Agnotology” before. Agnotology: the study of culturally produced ignorances

Bradley Willow Trumpfheller’s Reconstructions. This chapbook contains a snap bracelet image that I’ll never forget. 

Nick Laird’s Feel Free. The eponymous poem always gives me swoops of wonder. A great dad poem. 

Mark Strand’s Almost Invisible. I don’t know what makes a prose poem tick. But I really like these prose poems. Some feel like riddles that Strand himself never answered. 

Kirby’s forthcoming Poetry is Queer. There’s a wisdom in it that is rare and so, so vibrant (courage). 

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