Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Carla Barkman : part one

Carla Barkman: I’m a family physician and writer living in Regina, Saskatchewan with teenaged boys and too many cats. My poetry has appeared in nine cloud journal, Vallum, Grain, CV2, Stanzas, and other journals, the anthologies Collected Sex, Line Dance: An Anthology of Poetry, Groundswell: The Best of Above/ground Press 1993-2003, and is forthcoming in Apart: a year of pandemic poetry and prose. I am passionate about narrative medicine, multi-day hikes, swimming, and cats. 

What are you working on?

I have five or six things on the go, mostly to divert myself when one begins to feel cumbersome. Without an assignment and a due date, I find it difficult to bring projects to completion. So, I take university classes (just finished a B.A. in English, though, sadly, and can’t decide what, if anything, to do next) and enter contests. Currently, I’m editing and assembling old poems for submission, culling diaries for a creative non-fiction piece that I hope not to give up on because it’s getting huge, and playing with a group of Erin Mouré’s poems, massively expanding my vocabulary in the process. 

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