Saturday, 26 June 2021

Josh Massey : part one

Josh Massey is a poet and fiction writer living in Nelson, BC. He’s been publishing and performing for over 20 years, with work appearing in The Capilano Review, Rampike, SurVision, Grain, subTerrain, Event, Filling Station, The Minnesota Review, Thimbleberry, Prairie Fire, and other fine journals. His two published novels are We Will All Be Trees (Conundrum, 2009) and The Plotline Bomber of Innisfree (Book*Hug, 2015).

Photo credit: Bob Hall

How does a poem begin?

A poem begins in the sewer waters with shiny worms or near the brown banana flopped in the snowbank. It comes like a vapour spilling off a mountain stage, appears like the rainbow morsel on the wall, and is heralded by a piece of red thread drift-spiralling through corny living room light.

It begins as a desire to communicate with nobody but the Void Mirror Self.

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