Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Clayre Benzadón : part four

What do you feel poetry can accomplish that other forms can’t?

I’m only basing this off of my own experience, so this may depend on each person’s experience, and not on the genre itself (I hate the division of genre and binaries that are placed to categorize different writing forms)—but for me, poetry allows me to write fragments and raw lines that I might not be able to pull of in prose. I also feel like experimentation is a lot more possible in poetry, and the form of a poem lends itself to a bodily or more metaphorical understanding of the emotions laid out (or those which transcend) the page. Poetry helps in the process of trauma, and also reveals the hidden (even if not consciously to the writer yet). The revision process acts as a sort of therapy session (or sessions) that allow a writer to find the difficult truths for themselves.

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