Sunday 21 March 2021

Michelle Moloney King : part one

Michelle Moloney King {she/her} neo-postmodern poet, visual poet, asemic poet and editor of Beir Bua Journal. Degree in  computer science, post grad in education & Master Hypnotherapist. Work published in Streetcake, a glimpse of, The Pi Review, Spillwords, Artistic Differences, Babel Tower Notice Board amongst others. Pushcart Nominee 2021. Visual Artists Ireland member. Website: and @MoloneyKing 

What are you working on?

I wish I was polishing my poetry for a pamphlet or collection, I also wish I was putting together a collection of my visual poems but I follow a mischievous sense of play and so I'm creating redacted poetry and subbing them to journals, it's lots of fun. 

And the journal, Beir Bua, takes a lot of time even when submissions are closed. So, more work to do on the design of the website and maybe seeing what I can learn about business models I could use to make it a print issue or a print anthology and printing avant-garde poetry pamphlets….. But I'm not about efforting or trying - I imagine something, see it clearly and then if info comes my way I recognise that potential and dive in.

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