Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Kristy Bowen : part four

What do you feel poetry can accomplish that other forms can’t?

I think its spareness allows an entire world to be contained in a line---sometimes even a single image. Something like fiction takes more words to get to the same place. You also have to follow certain paths in narrative and suspense-building that an audience expects. You can break the rules, but only a few writers can do that well without losing your reader. With poems, your reader kind of expects to get lost.  For things to never be what they seem. Obviously poems rely more on rhythm and sound, what in the old days, obviously made memorization easier, even in free verse. We have any poem at our fingertips now via technology and don't need to commit them to memory, but musicality is still very much a part of the experience. Also, poetry has that power to take abstract ideas or moods and make them solid flesh I realized lately that I communicate so much just everyday conversation in metaphors and sometimes people find it annoying--how I explain everyday things, but I also how those metaphors are how I think things out. See this is like this, and it makes sense to me, but sometimes is confusing for the person I'm talking to..lol..

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