Monday, 29 March 2021

Irina Moga : part one

Irina Moga is a Romanian-born Canadian poet, author of five poetry books, and a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada (TWUC).

Sea Glass Circe, her fourth book, was selected for an official launch as part of the 2020 Toronto LitUp!, Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA).

A collection of poems written in French, Variations sans palais, was published with Éditions L’Harmattan (France) in 2020. 

Irina’s work has appeared in literary magazines in Canada and the US, such as: Canadian Literature, carte-blanche, Cloud Lake Literary, and Poetry Quarterly.

Why is poetry important? 

Poetry has an underestimated benefit:  it has a cathartic effect on our psyche. Its healing effect relies on surfacing emotions in an interplay of meditation and the refactoring of words and meaning. 

We can gain additional insights about ourselves through the reinterpretation of reality mediated by a poem. 

By operating in a realm that’s entirely at the mercy of words, we navigate to greater clarity in how we express ourselves and understand others. 

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