Friday, 4 January 2019

Sacha Archer : part three

What are you working on?

I am finishing a manuscript titled Montage of Abrasions which is a mess of prose reflections (some autobiographical, some otherwise) mashed together with poems both visual and not. It has been an attempt to write something perhaps more conventional than I’m like to do—but I’ve probably failed miserably at that—which is good, and bad. Good in that I find it powerful and interesting—bad in that the same question arises that accompanies all of my longer works: who is ever going to publish this? The work developed with the loose theme of that which we read out loud and that which we read silently.

I am also at work on a manuscript which collects a number of series in which I engage/ collaborate with the landscape directly to discover poetry. I began it in 2016 with my Ghost Writing series where, in one part I facilitated asemic writing by trees, and in another part I wandered, collecting rubbings as poetry. This year I completed the next series which is titled The Nature of Language. In this work I regard natural specimens as found poems in and of themselves—the development of form (body) as a mode of writing before us. I want to round off the manuscript with a third series for which I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head.

Also, at the moment, I have starting sketching rooms in my home on my gestural keyboard on my phone.  Of this I have little to say at the moment except that I am finding it a fascinating way to write and it is producing some expectantly odd-ball texts.

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