Sunday, 24 October 2021

John Elizabeth Stintzi : part four

What do you find most difficult about writing poetry?

Poetry is hard for me because I feel like I’ve got to be reading it to have my brain wired to write it, otherwise it can be quite a long time between writing poems. It’s hard to find time with life and my fiction “career,” particularly because fiction is an easier “day job” in the sense that I can more easily return to it day after day. I also find myself limited—and this is a me problem—by the idea that I need to have some sort of project in mind in order to bother to write poems. Finally, I think I’ve been struggling a lot with being “present,” which makes it harder for me to see poems emerging in my life, which when you are a lyric poet like I currently am, is pretty much the only way you’ll find them. But more than anything I think I just so easily fall out of the habit of reading poetry, which leads to my being unable to find them squirrelling through the world. 

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