Sunday, 14 April 2019

Lucas Lejeune : part one

Lucas Lejeune: I am a French male artist. Born in 1991, I got an art degree in Strasbourg and a master in digital arts in Brussels. My main focus is video art, as I'm also a motion-designer and VJ. Most of my personal and experimental works are visual installations and performance, but I have been ever more engaged in writing for a handful of years. In this regard, I  might describe myself as a post-conceptual and digital poet. My work speaks of technology, individuality, freedom, addiction and belief systems.

Why is poetry important?

Poetry is not important. Are dreams that important ? Like dreams, poetry is not essential to our survival. But like dreams, poetry is a mysterious, living algorithm through which a sufficiently sensitive mind can slowly reprogram itself. It can help one build its own individuality, thus avoiding the trap of collective uniformity. Dreams are the inward, subconscious part of this process and poetry its outward, conscious counterpart. Both of these algorithms are, of course, deeply interlaced into one another.

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