Friday, 26 April 2019

Juliet Cook : part five

What are you working on?

I'm always working on a variety of different poetic projects, ranging from writing to revising to reading to submitting to publishing, but one ongoing project that I've been working on in fits and starts for over a year now that I think might be finally approaching fruition is a longish poem, with various sections, that I'm going to turn into a chapbook. It's tentative title is PURPLE SUBSECTIONS (or INTERSTICES or INTERVALS).  I'm also still submitting another poetry chapbook that has existed for several years now, entitled red circles into nothing. I'm also still promoting my most recently published poetry chapbook, From One Ruined Human to Another (published by Cringe-Worthy Poets Collective in the middle of 2018) and my second individual full-length poetry book, Malformed Confetti (published by Crisis Chronicles Press, near the end of 2018). In addition to my own individual poetry, I'm regularly working on collaborative poems with j/j hastain.

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