Monday, 1 April 2019

Alexandre Ferrere : part one

Alexandre Ferrere is 28 and lives in France. After a Master's degree in Library Sciences and a Master's degree in English Literature, he is now working on a PhD. on American poetry.

His essays and poems appeared or are forthcoming in Beatdom, Empty Mirror, Rust+Moth, 8poems Journal, Riggwelter Press, Barren Magazine, armarolla, Lucent Dreaming and more.

What are you working on?

I am working on poems focusing on the interactions between forms and contents, like in what could be called simultaneous poems or like in poems with challenging physical structures. In my writing, this has to do with the notion of time and the confusion it often induces—to uncoil meaning through the form/content interaction is one of my aims. In other words, I am trying to zoom on and to extend intersections so that it is easier to approach them, under different but complementary lightings. The visual work in my poems is equally based on the sensation I want to convey as on the indetermination of language we all depend on. As a consequence, the poems I am working on tend towards building up a potential of different and subjective evocations, yet anchored in a language that is naturally objective—poetry therefore deconstructs an organic system in order to reach specificity. I often find myself thinking about what Robert Creeley wrote: “content is never more than an extension of form and form is never more than an extension of content”.  I am just experimenting around this idea, and hope that I will be able to gather my poems into a book in the future.

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