Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Cameron Anstee : part three

How does your work first enter the world? Do you have a social group or writers group that you work ideas and poems with?

As I said in an earlier answer, I’m a hoarder these days, I don’t share work readily in many places. There are a few little mags I love and trust, and otherwise the work stays with me. I do have some close, trusted friends that will generously read works-in-progress and manuscripts, and with whom I talk shop. These friends date to my university days working at a campus lit mag and spending free hours in the student pub talking/arguing poetry, and are the formative social influences on my work and processes. My end of these conversations has been quiet over the past year and half or so as the full length book has gone through editing. I didn’t write much that was new while editing the book, so I’ll have to start sharing again soon as I begin to write new things.

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