Friday, 17 July 2020

Lance La Rocque : part one

Lance La Rocque lives in Wolfville, NS. With Lisa, Emily, and Max.

He has published in Hava LeHaba, Industrial Sabotage, The Northern Testicle Review, and Periodicities. He has a book of poetry, Vermin (Book Thug), and most recently, a chapbook, glitch (above/ground press).

How did you first engage with poetry?       

I must have been writing poetry since I was at least thirteen. My mother carries around a poem I had published in a Salvation Army newsletter. It can be disturbing to rediscover your early selves and affiliations! I thought more carefully about poetry and began to write more when I met Stuart Ross and j w curry.  I’m grateful that two writers I admired published my poems. Sometime after I moved to Nova Scotia, Stuart told me that the poet Alice Burdick was moving to Halifax and maybe I should collaborate with her. He and Alice would probably find it amusing that that secretly pressured me into writing a lot of poems!

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