Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Ava Hofmann : part five

What do you find most difficult about writing poetry?

The fact that for over a decade I’ve been cultivating skills that are very unlikely to bring me anything resembling financial security and that I’ve also forgotten to develop any other marketable skills.

Pretending like “oh, it’s so hard to make poems” seems disingenuous to me, like I’m trying to act like my artmaking is laborious (and therefore confer value onto it). Sure, you’ll always encounter creative problems and struggles, but part of the joy of writing (and all art) is to kind of climb into that creative trouble and climb back out of it again.

Every real time I’ve thought about giving up writing or have had real existential crises over my work were because we live under an economic system which despises human life—and therefore, also, despises art. If I wasn’t worrying about the fact that I feel like I have no future or whatever I’d be making more work and it would be a whole lot riskier and a whole lot better than the work I’m making now.

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