Thursday, 28 June 2018

Molly Cross-Blanchard : part five

Why is poetry important?

Rather than comment on why poetry is important for the world and why everyone should read poetry (which they should, btw), I’m going to approach this question a bit selfishly. Poetry is important to me because it’s a way of turning my thoughts and feelings into nuggets of truth that I can digest. I was always intrigued by journaling as a kid. All my girlfriends journaled, drew hearts around their crushes’ names, slandered their parents with pink and green gel pens. And I did, too (this was often a sleepover activity), but something about it always felt false. I couldn’t connect to the words in my Lizzie Maguire diary like my friends seemed to; there was something about what I was feeling that just wouldn’t transfer to the page. When I started seriously writing poetry, it was like I’d discovered a life hack for working through my own shit without having to go to a therapist. Poetry is emotion magic.

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