Wednesday, 6 June 2018

MLA Chernoff : part one

MLA Chernoff (@citation_bb) thanks u for visiting their profile. A recovering flat-earther, MLA now lives a quiet LIEf in “Toronto” (awful condotown), where they collect and care for rare fidget spinners, which isn’t just a fad. They are a PhD candidate at The Neoliberal University of York University; the velocity of this bio is their dissertation––a morose serendipity in the key of “ooooo that’s a spicy discourse!!!” MLA’s debut collection of pomes, delet this, was recently published by Hybrid Heaven and is available everywhere fine books are sold (but hopefully not Indigo, I really don’t know lmao). If you’re in MTL, you can pick it up at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly.

Photo credit: Syd Lazarus

What are you working on?

Literally just myself. And my dissertation lmao *** shrug emoji holding multiple copies of Das Kapital and Let Us Compare Mythologies in each stinky hand ***

I’m hoping to start and finish a full-length collection of new, (un)original pomes this summer.

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