Sunday, 24 June 2018

Megan Burns : part two

How important is music to your poetry?

I do most of my writing via channeling, which for me a form of meditation where I try to be clear enough to pick up what is around me that needs to be manifested into words. Most of it is based off sound; I am listening to how a line wants to sound rather than what the line says as far as sense in a thinking mind way because I believe we are able to translate poetry in a different way in our brains than we do an article teaching us a theory or directions on how to build a desk. Poetry enters the heart more than the head and I try to hear the vibrational resonance of how the energy of the piece needs to be performed. I write specifically about music as well; there’s a section in my last book where I deconstruct Wuthering Heights and one of my methods was assigning a Bob Dylan song to each chapter and then reading the chapter listening to the song and writing through that sound and text mash-up.

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