Thursday, 30 April 2020

Grady Chambers : part two

What other poetry books have you been reading lately? 

The last handful of months I've been sort of intensively working on putting together a second book of poems, and as has happened before when absorbed in my own work, have found myself spending more time with fiction than with poetry lately. I'm reading War and Peace at the moment, and making my very, very slow way through the New Testament. I read the latter only during my commute to work, so I only get through a few pages each day. It's been wonderful to experience it like that. I didn't grow up attending synagogue or church, so the bible is something I've never studied in any kind of formal way, and I've never felt forced to accept any of its teachings. That's allowed me to approach the New Testament purely out of curiosity and with more of an attention to language and phrasing than anything else, and I've found much to marvel at and enjoy in those aspects.

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