Monday, 17 February 2020

katie o’brien : part five

What poets changed the way you thought about writing?

oh, gosh. I remember in high school being absolutely mesmerised by e.e. cummings’ playful use of punctuation – I would say his work piqued my interest in poetry. recently, I picked up bill bissett’s breth /th treez uv lunaria: selektid rare n nu pomes n drawings and was just as inspired as I was when I first encountered derek beaulieu’s work. Joshua Whitehead’s re-membering of queer Indigeneity in full metal indigiqueer is stunning and mind-opening, and Vivek Shraya’s even this page is white introduced me to political, anti-racist work. rob mclennan and Mathilda Cullen have changed the way I think about publishing. I am continually inspired by friends like Amy LeBlanc, Kyle Flemmer, Leslie Ahenda, jaye simpson, Ren Pike, and so many more – I think every time I encounter new work in this community, my understanding of writing is expanded.

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