Saturday, 2 February 2019

Emily Banks : part one

Emily Banks is a doctoral candidate and poetry lecturer at Emory University. Her poems have appeared in journals such as Superstition Review, Blood Orange Review, Cimarron Review, Free State Review, Muse/A Journal, storySouth, and Yemassee. Her first book, Mother Water, is forthcoming from Lynx House Press.

Photo credit: Ashley Chupp photography.

What are you working on?

New poems! My first book was recently accepted for publication, and that’s given me a lot of creative energy. I’ve been obsessing over this manuscript for the past few years, so I’m very happy to send it out into the world and start fresh. The poems I’m writing now are ultimately towards my second collection, but for now I’m enjoying seeing where the words take me. I tend to circle around the same themes, so I don’t really do book projects—I just trust that it will all come together eventually. (Oh—I’m writing a dissertation, too! It’s about female sexuality in American gothic literature, broadly. So yes. I’m basically writing all the time.)

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