Monday, 12 November 2018

Raina K. Puels : coda

In several interviews, the advice Sharon Olds gives to all writers is to take care of their bodies. To me, part of this is ensuring my reproductive health and rights. I’m terrified that Roe V. Wade could be jeopardized if Kavanaugh or another anti-choice justice is confirmed to the Supreme Court. The best way to stop this is to vote in midterm elections this November. If we elect more pro-choice officials to the House or Senate, we have a much greater chance of stopping any bills or justices that would mean the end of Roe or access to emergency contraceptives.

While Plan B is the most convenient emergency contraception because it can be purchased over the counter or on Amazon, it has a huge issue: Plan B is only effective for those weighing 165lb or less and nearly INEFFECTIVE for anyone over 176lb. This information about weight restrictions is only available in super tiny print inside the box.

Ella is an emergency contraceptive that is effective for people of all weights, but it is typically only available with a prescription. PRJKT RUBY is an online service that allows people to access hormonal birth control and emergency contraceptives without a visiting a doctor. They offer FREE online health consultations. I highly suggest checking out their website for more information. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but I share this information in the hopes it can help poets with uteruses take and keep control of their reproductive health so they can continue to create beautiful and important art. 

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