Friday, 20 April 2018

Sanita Fejzić : part three

How does your work first enter the world? Do you have a social group or writers group that you work ideas and poems with?

I have a special relationship with the will to poetry, that is, with the creative linguistic drive to word new wor(l)ds. Poetry comes to me of its own free will, my job is to be receptive and radically open to it. When I channel the will to poetry, I try to be as unconditional about the process as possible. The more I try to control the writing process, the harder it becomes to hear the music, rhythm and essence of poetic will. I am very private about the process of writing and do not share my work ideas with others until I am ready (or forced to), either because I’m stuck or because I want feedback on my work-in-progress. Writing is rewriting; writing a collaborative act.

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