Friday, 2 August 2019

Ty J. Williams : part three

How does your work first enter the world? Do you have a social group or writers group that you work ideas and poems with?

I send out poems for publication, I publish some on my WordPress site and on Twitter. I also attend poetry workshops when I can, and share poems with friends and family. My favorite and the most impactful way (for me) of birthing my poems into the world is at my favorite open mic. I live in Columbus, OH, which is in some ways, one of the most generic, “everyman” Midwestern city you could imagine. But there is such a fantastic, vibrant arts scene and a wonderful poetry scene here (I boldly declare that it may house the best poetry community and scene in the state of Ohio). I regularly attend Writers’ Block Poetry Open Mic. WB has been running continuously for 20 years, every Wednesday at 8PM. I like to try different poems there and see how they sound coming out of my mouth, see how they land with an audience, see if my favorite lines get a reaction or crickets and talk to my fellow poets afterward. WB is my nuclear poetry family and bringing new poems there is a crucial part of my process.

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