Thursday, 29 March 2018

Kyle Flemmer : part one

Kyle Flemmer [photo credit: Dean McClelland] is an author, editor, and publisher from Calgary. He founded The Blasted Tree Publishing Company in 2014, a small press and community of emerging Canadian artists, and is presently the Managing Editor at filling Station Magazine. Kyle's most recent poetry chapbooks are Astral Projection (above/ground press, 2017), Lunar Flag Assembly Kit (no press, 2017), and PRAY/LEWD (The Blasted Tree, 2016).

How does a poem begin?

A poem begins as an itch or impulse that appears at some mental crossroads. For me, the first step toward scratching that itch involves identifying which specific lines of thinking are coming together. The poem is an attempt to explain why using language; why am I at this crossroads? What brought me here? Until I can answer that sufficiently (at least to myself), the itch doesn’t go away.

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