Wednesday 20 October 2021

Arden Hunter : part four

What do you find most difficult about writing poetry?

I find it very difficult to re-draft or edit poems when they are rejected for publication. Sometimes I do because the feedback I get from kind editors makes sense to me, but often I don’t, I just send them as they are to someone else. Thankfully they usually get picked up on the third or fourth round, though I have a few that have been rejected 8 times or more. I still love them the way they are though. Aside from that it’s walking that line between showing enough that the reader can understand what I am trying to convey, but also leaving enough space for them to be able to connect with the words in their own ways. Sometimes I think I’ve said enough when I haven’t. Other times I say far too much, and then it becomes a passive experience for the reader. I’d rather it was an active one, a collaboration. 

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